Program Description



Thank you for joining Ebony City Soccer Club Lil' Pele's. If you are new to our organization please be sure to have either an electronic or physical copy of your player's birth certificate available for organizaton prior to the season begining. A photo of player will be taken prior to the season begining in order to have for reference or for player cards if necessary. Below is information you will need to register your player with Ebony City Soccer Club along with a discription of the programs. If you have addition questions about which program to sign up for please reach out to us through our contact list. 

City of Charleston Recreational League
The cost for registering a player is $53.00 per season.

  • Ages 4-11
  • Basic soccer skill developed 
  • Beggining to moderate competion level
  • Uniform shirt and socks included with cost
  • Fall Season September - October/begining of November
  • Spring Season April - May/beginning of June
  • Practices normally held at Hester park 

ISOL Indoor Select Program
The registration fee is $53.00 per season per player.

  • Ages 8-17
  • Intermediate soccer skills needed
  • Moderate to advance competition level
  • Uniform shirt only is included
  • Winter season December and January. Summer season June and July
  • Games are played in North Charleston and Cainhoy on weekends.
  • Practices are held either at Christopher Arthur Gym or Shaw Community Center

Coastal State Soccer League
Lastly the $53.00 registration fee covers the Coastal state league per season.

  • Ages 7-17 Fall season only & Ages 7-12 Spring season only
  • Covers state registration fee
    • Creation of Player Rosters and Player Cards
  • Referee fees
  • Uniform shirt
  • Advanced level of competion
  • Fall Season August - November & Spring Season February - May
  • Travel to games that are played througout the tri-county area and as far as Walterboro and Myrtle Beach
  • Practices are held on Sunday and possibly during one day during the week.
  • Requires a Certified coach to run the team.

**$3.00 credit or debit card processing fee is included with the total cost for registation.