August 10, 2018

SUNDAY PRACTICE ONLY / Last and Final Registration Opportunity

Good Afternoon Pele Families

We apologize for the delay for this week's announcement but here is important thing: Practice will ONLY BE HELD ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH, 2018 for the weekend. There will not be any practice on tomorrow. We will see you at Corrine Jones Park 36 Marlow Dr, Charleston, SC 2403 at 4:00pm on Sunday.

For those of you who have not done anything pertaining to registration, you need to come out to practice on Sunday to be counted for the Fall 2018 to ensure you player's spot. We are about out of time. Those who are not registered by the end of this weekend may jeopardize losing your player's spot on the team. We have many deadlines to meet after this Sunday that we have to meet. Do not assume your child is registered if you have not done at least one of the following below.

  • Register at, click on the red icon on the home page that says, Register Now, and pay for your Fall 2018 registration

  • Complete the purple City of Charleston form and turn it in to either Vince Ashby or Nicole Ashby

  • If you have not done so as of this weekend please attempt to get it done now.

  • If you have done at least one if not both you are in good standings with us and your player's position has been reserved.

Players who are about to turn 8 after August 1st and OLDER, please be prepared for a week night gather of players designated for specific age groups over the next two weeks.

Lastly, start looking for black soccer shorts preferably without pockets. Check to make sure the cleats they have fit comfortably. If you have any concerns send Nicole a text message at 843-718-4579.


Ebony City Soccer Club