July 10, 2018

Coaches, Administrators and Volunteers Background Check

Good Morning

All coaches, administrators, board members, and volunteers are required to have a background check completed. This done as safety mechanism for our organization, players, and you. Every year we ask you to provide us with some information in order to be compliant for both the City of Charleston and the State Soccer Association. We need for you to complete your information here on the website so that we can submit the information to the state. Additionally the City of Charleston will provide their forms to complete this fall 2018 season in August sometime. Parents if you are working with the kids in any capacity (fundraisers, practice, food service, fixing water at practice), we need for you too, to complete this form. Please visit the website, click on Register now, select coaches and administrator volunteer program and answer all the questions. I would like to have everyone's background submitted to the state by July 31st, and prepared for the City of Charleston by August 11th, 2018. Please note that your information is kept safe and is not accessible to others besides the organization conducting the background check. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Thanks

Nicole Ashby

ECSC Lil Peles

VP, Registrar, DOC